Rene Ruiz

Striking a balance between old-world style and modern-day glamour.

District 5 Boutique is proud to carry this elegant collection.


John Paul Ataker

District 5 Boutique is proud to offer the very elegant collection of John Paul Ataker. Rooted in three decades of fashion, the decadent textiles will have you feeling as if you have been draped in the most luxurious of all dresses.

We love the couture look and feel of this talented designer.

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The Luxe Closet

Dedicated to the solitary luxurious styles of both past and present

Find all kinds of surprises here from designers all over the world from past collections to present styles.

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Gemy Maalouf

Always on the look for the best designers, we are so happy to welcome Gemy Maalouf's line "Beside Couture by GEMY."

District 5 Boutique is proud to present this collection and is available and in stock now.

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Saiid Kobeisy

The talented Lebonese designer brings his genius designs in his collection SK by Saiid Kobeisy

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Bridal Bliss

I am fortunate to meet many brides and their parties. In addition to the glamorous gowns available at D5, I also help many brides bring their dreams to life with the right mix of the perfect dress and the perfect vision.


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Mother of Bride/Groom

With so many occasions at this time of the year, we women all seem to need a dress for some event or another. At D5, it's as easy as shopping by that occasion. 

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There is something appealing about wearing the same styles that walk down the runway... Get them here!